Popular MBA Jobs

post65MBA program graduates have many job options before them in nearly every area of business. From project management to heading a firm or a corporation, the directions you can go with your MBA are virtually endless.

Explore some of the jobs and career directions you can take with your MBA.

Business Management: All businesses need effective leaders to oversee production, operations, personnel and a host of other necessary functions. Among the possible types of manager role, popular directions include project management, technology management, healthcare management, supply chain management and brand management, among others. Every industry, from auto manufacturing and offshore mining to pharmaceuticals and database analysis, is a possibility for an MBA graduate with the right job experience.

Finance: Finance management is vitally important to any business. Large companies can dedicate entire departments to making sure money is not wasted, funding is coming in, and all government regulations are being followed. Accountants, auditors, bookkeepers chief financial officers and other finance personnel have a large impact on a company’s growth and movements, since most major changes hinge on their advice. MBAs who like working with the big picture often pursue this route.

Marketing: A major part of business is finding and reaching the right audience to building a strong brand. A lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking goes into creating an effective marketing plan, and MBAs with a talent for writing, art and other creative areas will be attracted to marketing. Marketing MBAs work with finance people, technology people and content producers to create ads, commercials, product packaging, and even brand personality, all considering the target audience, competitors and the market itself.

Human Resources: Every business is run by people, and people need to be managed as much as products and money do. MBA graduates in human resources are responsible for finding, hiring, training and allocating personnel, as well as mediating things when employees run into disagreements with co-workers or management. Professionals in this field tend to enjoy working with people and building new relationships.

Entrepreneurship: The appeal of being your own boss and making your own hours has always attracted MBA grads to entrepreneurship, but many challenges come with the territory. Whether you’re opening a cake shop or a banking firm, knowing how to raise funds, find good employees and build a reputable brand are all parts of running a business as well. Ambitious MBA holders may choose to take on these challenges rather than join an established company.

Consulting: Consulting can be high-level problem solving or expertise-based microadjustments, depending on the area of business. MBA holders in consulting may choose to work with an agency hired by other businesses, or may branch out on their own to work independently. But whether they’re helping a restaurant chain target their customer base or giving a firm advice on moving into a particular industry, professionals in this field work with many different clients, traveling and meeting new people on a regular basis. MBAs who enjoy high-level problem solving and strategy would appreciate a job in consulting.

Non-profit: Non-profit organizations work for a cause rather than for the bottom line, so they attract MBAs who have the passion and ambition to work with fewer resources than are generally available in the corporate world. These professionals work to solve world problems, doing anything from finding ways to feed underprivileged families in poor neighborhoods to training government project workers in developing nations. MBAs who would trade a higher income for a bigger worldview and the satisfaction of helping those in need would feel at home in non-profit work.

Government: The government is run like a business in some ways, albeit with different responsibilities and a much larger budget than most companies. There are as many management roles within the government as outside of it, and ambitious MBAs who view their work as a mission rather than just a job might enjoy a career in this realm.

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